How To Get Free Bets in NSW

Do you live in New South Wales? Are you looking for some really good offers on free bets? Well, you might come across some trouble doing that, thanks to recent government regulations which prohibit NSW punters from taking advantage of free bets and bonus offers online.

Thanks to these new rules, NSW residents cannot even be advertised to properly by online bookmakers and betting platforms anymore.

Here’s how these restrictions will affect you.  

Are You Struggling to Get Your Free Bet?

Just because you’ve signed up with an online bookie that promised you a sign-up bonus doesn’t mean that you’ll actually get the said bonus. It’s up to the bookie to decide whether or not to actually reward you with the bonus.

Sometimes this is due to a simple misunderstanding which can be resolved by getting in touch with your bookie online, by telephone or through an in-person visit.

That said, this doesn’t make it alright for the bookie to go back on their advertised promise, and if you’re hitting a roadblock even after you’ve tried to reason with them, then it might be worthwhile to get a third party involved, and our staff would be more than happy to help.

NSW Betting Regulations

As we’ve mentioned, a new piece of legislation has been released by the NSW government which prohibits all gambling-related enticements to NSW residents. This means that online bookmakers cannot offer free bets or sign up bonuses to NSW residents, as that’s seen as a form of enticement or ‘luring’.

In case you were wondering who’s responsible for these restrictions, it’s the Department of Liquor and Gaming in NSW.

NSW Bonus Restrictions

Under this new law, NSW residents will not be able to get a sign up bonus or free betting offers from betting companies like punters in other states do.

Here’s what that means for you:

Money Back Specials

It’s not uncommon for online bookies in Australia to offer money-back specials to their punters. This usually applies to punters whose horse or other racer has come in second or third place in the race, which would entitle them to have their bet refunded. Unfortunately, NWS residents will no longer be able to access or participate in such offers.

Sign-Up Free Bets

Another popular offer that online bookmakers often advertise is that of sign-up free bets. What this refers to is that a punter will get additional funds deposited into their account when they sign up with a particular bookie. Once again, this part of the betting services is no longer available to NSW residents.

Referral Bonus Bets

As the name implies, referral bonus bets enable existing customers to get free betting money from their bookie whenever they refer someone to the platform. This could mean an additional $100 in your account available to bet with. However, NSW residents are being restricted by the government from taking any bonus bets from their bookies, even ones that come by way of referral.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are a form of promotion that bookies often use. In this case, they increase the odds on a particular market, while simultaneously limiting the maximum bet to a particular amount. Now, NSW punters will no longer be able to participate in enhanced odds promotions that are offered by their bookies.

What to Do

Well, there isn’t much that can be done about the law at the moment because the legislation is up and is already being enforced. However, you can contact your local MP and let them know how you feel about the restrictions and regulations being imposed by this law.

Perhaps if enough people do this, something can be done to loosen the restrictions and prohibitions for NSW residents, so that they can enjoy the latest and best promotions from their bookies like other Australian residents do.