TabTouch is one of Australia’s oldest betting platforms and boasts 300 betting outlets across Australia. They’re widely recognised by punters all over the country, and account for a large share of the market.

However, aside from being a heritage brand, there’s nothing special about this platform and it’s definitely not that different from other corporate bookmakers. In fact, TabTouch might want to pull up their socks because their lack of a sign-up bonus means that they’re trailing behind the competition when it comes to innovation.

TabTouch Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of signing up with TabTouch:


  • It’s a trusted heritage brand that’s widely recognised and used by Australians
  • The mobile TabTouch app enables punters to make bets and keep up with specials and odds while on the go
  • The site features weekly promotions and specials


  • There’s no sign-up bonus
  • There’s nothing special that sets TabTouch apart from their competition


  • Website

The site is well-designed and well-maintained with a clean menu and an interface that’s super easy to use.  Plus, as soon as you log in on the website, you’re able to access some really awesome features like Live Streaming through Sky 1 and Sky 2, speed maps, reliable ratings from top experts, as well as race repeats to help you spot useful patterns, which will help you to better improve your bets.

  • App

Also, their app is an absolute joy to use and contains pretty much all the features you’ve come to enjoy from the website, but through an easy to use interface that’s specifically designed to work on mobile.

  • Retail Outlets

It’s important to note that the TabTouch retail outlets are mainly located in Western Australia, but there are huge prospects for growth throughout the country as a whole since the brand continues to grow in popularity. And with over 300 outlets already, it’s only a matter of time before all TabTouch punters can enjoy the convenience of withdrawing and depositing through a nearby outlet.

  • Weekly Promotions

The TabTouch platform also features weekly promotions and specials that are worth getting excited about, while their list of sporting codes and races include Super Rugby, the AFL, horse racing, thoroughbred racing and soccer.


As mentioned above, TabTouch is a well-known heritage corporate bookmaker that has over 300 outlets for punters to benefit from.

Seasoned punters know TabTouch as Ozbet, which is what it was called back in the day when they were still starting out. TabTouch is also well- known as the very first platform to bring betting online and in that time they’ve managed to really improve their website which is used by thousands of punters to this day.

We’ll be the first to admit that TabTouch’s offers can be quite dull at times, but they make up for that by having a reliable reputation that’s backed by decades of experience. There’s definitely something to be said for experience and the way it enables a brand to really fine-tune their service. Hopefully, TabTouch will continue to develop and offer better odds and offers over time, and perhaps even try offering a sign-up bonus?