SportsBet is undoubtedly one of Australia’s finest bookmakers and definitely the most popular. The platform’s reputation speaks for itself, as they offer up to $600 worth of bonus bets, as well as amazing daily promotions and tipping competitions.

It’s definitely the place to go if you want access to the widest range of races and sports categories to choose from, including obscure novelty markets to the best in standards markets all over the world.

Their odds are simply unbeatable, and they stay consistent with the best daily promotions, money back offers and bonus bets.

Bonus Matched Bets

With SportsBet, you can start betting with $1,200 as soon as you sign up. That’s because they offer a matched bonus of up to $600, which means that if you make a deposit of $600, an extra $600 will be added to your account so you can start your betting at $1,200.

The same rule applies to smaller deposits as well. A $50 deposit gets you an extra $50, deposit $100 and you’ll get an additional $100 and so on.

Products and Offers

Existing SportsBet members get access to exciting daily offers and promotions, with one of their most famous ones being the bet back offers.

  • Punter’s Club

SportsBet makes it easy for punters to join and/or run a punter’s club without having to worry about keeping it going, as everything is done online through the site. This feature connects punters from all over the site and gives them access to better odds as a result.

  • Bet Back on Sports

Thanks to this feature, punters stand a chance to receive their bet back if their selected sports team happens to take second or third place. However, this only happens to a particular set of sporting events at any given time, which is why it’s always a good idea to check out their promotions page for the latest offers.

  • Bet Back on Racing

Bet Back on racing operates in a similar fashion to bet back on sports, but its focus is mainly on selected horse races. This offer is a great way to guarantee a win regardless of whether your racer comes first, second or third.

  • Sports Bet Cash Card

With the Sports Bet Cash Card, punters can withdraw and use their winnings anywhere in Australia, granted that the establishment supports eftpos. This means that if you happen to win big on a particular bet, you can immediately withdraw and use the cash as you wish.

SportsBet Pros and Cons

As with anything, SportsBet comes with its fair share of pros and cons. But as you’ll see, they’ve managed to iron out many of the cons over the years, making them one of the best bookmakers on the market.


  • Amazing Big Bonus bet of up to $600
  • The website and app are both super easy to use
  • Impeccable customer service
  • A lot of money back offers across several different markets
  • The largest selection of racing and sports category promotions than any other online bookmaker
  • They allow for online verification so that you can start betting instantly after you sign up


  • The horse racing form guides can be a bit scant with the information at times


As you can see, SportsBet is arguably Australia’s biggest bookmaker and for a good reason. Not only do they offer the biggest bet bonus on the market, but their customer service is always available and friendly, their promotions and products are the best in the industry, and they offer the most extensive selection of sports and racing categories around.