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Betfair is one of the world’s biggest online betting exchanges and this make sit very different from its competitors. Prices are decided by matching against the many other punters on the exchange. Betfair usually has the best value odds and provides punters the freedom of price and a huge amount of choice. Punters are able to trade in the market and place a large number of bets. Betfair now also offer a free matched first bet bonus.

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Betfair Review

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Betfair Review

  • Betfair is the one of the world’s biggest online betting exchanges. Prices are always matched against other betters, Betfair doesn’t act as a bookie but as an agent who then matches a buyer and seller.
  • This has unique benefits for all punters. The exchange offers great value to punters, and will give you the freedom of multiple prices and choices, betters can trade within a market and or also place multiple bets at once, Betfair will always display your net position at any time on the outcome, punters are able to generate risk free bet positions and their unique platform is perfect for live betting.
  • The odds are way better for most sporting events. This is because it’s the the market that determines the best and most fair price for the result instead of the bookie. Punters will match bets against other punters. This has great advantages for gamblers, you will benefit from way better odds on almost all sporting events. Usually, the bigger the odds, the bigger the difference between the bokkies price and the exchange market price. This also means that as a punter, you can back a result outcome and then lay an result outcome all on the same type event.

Betfair Review Rating

Betfair Review

Why Bet with Betfair?

  • Up to 20% Better odds on most fixed markets
  • You can place a ‘lay’ style bet type and then back both a ‘win’ and a ‘lose’
  • You can ‘trade’ on particular markets
  • Always a Free Bet on sign up offer

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